When putting on latex, generously powder the inside of the garment and your body with French chalk or talc.  Avoid sharp objects and put your jewellery on last.  If you have long fingernails, it is recommended to wear a pair of cotton gloves to avoid damage.

Latex stains when it comes in contact with copper.

Shine your latex using water based polish.  Oils, greases and solvents will harm your garment.  Use a soft lint free cloth, but be gentle.  Rubbing hard can lift off details on your latex (print or appliqué).

Wash by hand in lukewarm water and a few drops of neutral soap.  Always rinse well.  Dry with a towel afterwards or hang to dry.  Please make sure inside and outside are clean and dry.

Powder your items for storage.  Store them at room temperature out of sunlight and UV light as these will discolour and deteriorate latex.  Wrap in a plastic sleeve.  Keep light and dark colours separated and put tissue paper on fasteners.   Do not store latex and leather together.

Please take good care of your latex.