Triple L… A fresh approach to latex

Our aim is to bring great quality at affordable prices,  practical and sexy erotic wear that can actually be worn.  We have a range of fashion for male and female.  One of our specialities is waist cinchers which are comfortable yet effective.  We can turn your rubber dream into reality by offering you bespoke items made to your measurements.  We make a variety of inflatables.

We also have a bondage range that’s all about restriction, from inflatable mittens to body bags with heavy rubber strapping and inflatable balls.  We make vac-beds , cubes and towers which are airtight and come with a one way valve.  You suck the air out and then disconnect the hoover.  A soundless way to enjoy ultra tight latex.

Further to finish of your outfit there’s a variety of stocking, tights, gloves and hoods.

Please feel free to have a browse around…colouredlatex

We also offer workshops in latex, corsets, lingerie and pattern cutting

And we off a repair and alteration service on site

Showroom and measuring service