At Triple L we offer a repair and alteration service.

Prices from £5

All items must be clean + washed + polish, grease and lube free + lightly talced when brought in or posted for alteration or repair.

We also alter and repair latex from other manufacturers or you could book yourself in for a workshop and learn to do your own repairs.

Items will be posted back signed for once payment is received in full.  Please make sure to add a note in with your garment with your name, return address and a description of where and what needs fixing.

Please note that we do not repair chlorinated garments

  • Sometimes your garment may need several washes before it is ready for repair or alteration.  Your item will have a tendency to stick together once all lube, polish and grease has been removed.  This is why you need to lightly talc your latex as otherwise the tear may even grow bigger.
  • If your item feels slippery after the first wash it needs to be washed again.  Items which still have polish or lube residue on them will not stick together properly and the repair / alteration will not last.
  • Please check out this fantastic rubber video to ensure your item is ready for repair:
  • please contact us for postal address